Weight Loss Surgery


A pregnancy is possible with a gastroplasty or a bypass, but some precautions are necessary.


Before surgery

If you want to quickly fall pregnant, it is logical to differ your gastroplasty or your bypass.
Conclude your pregnancy, then will see your surgeon a few months after the childbirth.


If your project of maternity is later (2 years or more), you can have surgery, then to await the end of the period of slimming, which lasts approximately 2 years, before carrying out your project


After surgery

It is essential to make a complete assessment before falling pregnant.
You make your assessment, and then you stop your contraception.


This assessment includes a consultation with your surgeon, a radiography of the digestive tract and a blood test.


If there are blood deficits in vitamins or other elements, they must be compensated before pregnancy.
In the event of bypass, it will be necessary, moreover, to increase the oral contributions in vitamins, iron and folates.