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030_ill_pttThe gastroplasty (or gastric banding) is a surgical procedure regularly carried out in France since 1996.


It quickly proved its effectiveness for people having much weight to lose, for several reasons :

  • It carries a fast feeling of satiety.
  • It makes possible to avoid modes, difficult to follow a long time (with a gastroplasty, you can eat what you like in reasonable quantity, under dietetic control).
  • It is carried out by coelioscopy.
  • Lastly, and especially, it avoids the most dangerous side effect of the modes :
    The resumption of weight after the stop of a reducing diet. This resumption of weight is behavioral (you tend to eat more), and especially metabolic (the modes, especially the diet protein modes, carry modifications of food absorption).

The experiment showed that gastroplasty is very effective to obtain weight loss lower than 50 kgs (what is already considerable) but 2 problems were not solved :

  • It is often difficult to obtain weight loss higher than 50 kgs (patients of more than 150 kgs are regularly operated).
  • There are failures, especially patients who eat sweetened (junk food), all the day (and even the night…) and who did not succeed in being released from these bad habits.

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