Weight Loss Surgery

Intra gastric balloon

The gastric balloon is a non surgical method to lose weight, which consists in putting a balloon in the stomach, to give satiety.


The balloon is left 6 months in the stomach.


This method must give a wheight loss from 10 to 25 kgs.


There are 2 types of gastric balloon :


The air filled balloon (900cc)


The saline filled balloon (550-700cc)


This method is addressed to patients who have from 10 to 25 kg to lose (20 to 50 % of ponderal overload compared to their ideal weight). These patients are not candidates with the weight loss surgery because their weight is not high enough.


It is sometimes addressed to patients having a weight more raised but which, for various reasons, are not yet ready for the surgery.


These patients had already made modes which were sometimes effective, but they took again weight after (5 to 10 % of the patients only preserve their weight loss, with the usual modes), or could not continue their mode more than 2 or 3 months.


The balloon is a choke. It makes possible to lose in 6 months the weight which would require an effort during 2 years.


It is a method which must be integrated in a medical, nutritional and possibly psychological follow up during the installation of the balloon and also after its removal.


The engagement of the patients compared to the food changes and their behavior is essential.


This chapter on the gastric balloon was carried out by Doctor Vianna COSTIL, specialist in gastro enterology.


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www.ballon-intragastrique.com. This Website is exclusively devoted to the gastric balloon.

    Last update 7 August 2015