Weight Loss Surgery

Before surgery

Multi disciplinary assessment

After your surgical consultation, multi disciplinary assessment will be proposed to you


The nutritionnist

raw vegetables in wicker basket isolated on whiteThe nutritionist will be of a great assistance to study the calories in excess in your food and will study itt with you.


He will discuss with you the choice your intervention.


He will give you a food policy which depends on your intervention



The psychiatrist

dr_sananes-miniOften dreaded, this consultation is very important.


It is important to seek a food behavioral problem, wich can explain, partly, your important overweight.


A psychiatrist having a good knowledge in obesity can help you to define the problem.


The psychiatrist will also seek a light depression, wich can be hidden.


The anesthesiologist

b_438313_image1This consultation must take place at least ten days before the date of your hospitalization, with an anesthesiologist of the establishment where you will be operated.


The anesthesiologist studies your health problems (medical, surgical past).


Bring your possible counts returned hospitalization, notebook of diabetic and ordinances (csome drugs must be stopped or changed several days before the intervention).


Your allergies must be known.


The anesthesiologist examines you from the point of view of your anaesthesia.


He informs you on the methods of the general anaesthesia and the risks associated.


He advises you to prepare as well as possible with your intervention, possibly with the need of examinations or of complementary opinions.


The gastro enterologist

The gastro-enterologist will study your digestive problems.


He will make you a gastric fibroscopy (examination of the higher part of the digestive tract, made under light anaesthesia, requiring 1/2 day of hospitalization).


This examination can detect an affection of the digestive tract (hiatal hernia, oesophagitis, gastritis…), which should be treated before surgery.

Other consultations

Fotolia_3007381_MAccording to your health problems, other consultations can be necessaries : cardiologist, pneumologist, endocrinologist…