Weight Loss Surgery

Before surgery

Surgical consultation

Docteur P. Costil , ChirurgienYour decision to consider a surgical operation was usually made after a consultation with your attending practitionar, an emission of television, an article in the press, a discussion with a person who profited from this surgery.


It is important, before taking return with the surgeon whom you chose, to consult your attending practitionar, to document (press, Internet…).


If you can it, do not hesitate with meeting a person of your knowledge which was operated, so that it makes you profit from his experiment.


This assessment can appear quite long to you, but it makes it possible to minimize the surgical risks and to optimize the intervention, which you often live like “the last chance procedure” to lose these crowned kilos in excess


First surgical consultation

This consultation lasts approximately 1 hour.


The surgeon checks that you have all the criteria to profit from this surgery.


He studies with you your food mode, your motivations.


Your medical and surgical antecedents are reviewed, in particular, pathologies being able to worsen your obesity (thyroid, hormonal drugs…).


He checks your knowledge of this surgery.


He studies with you the various procedures, and you choose together that which is appropriate to you best.


Lastly, it is important to choose the best moment for the procedure (it is better that you have an emotional and professional stability at the time of your intervention).


If you wish it, the surgeon will give you the co-ordinates of operated people.


Second surgical consultation

This consultation must take place one month or more after the first consultation, that leaves you the time of the reflexion and allows you to make the assessment.


It lasts ½ hour to 1 h.


You must bring your complete file. The surgeon re-examines all your file.


A good comprehension of your intervention is necessary to optimize the results.


Do not hesitate to put all the possible questions (I advise you to prepare the written questions before the consultation).


Lastly, it is necessary to find a date for the surgical procedure (in the well organized services, the time is usually 3 weeks to one month, but nothing presses, it is better to await if you do not feel ready).